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Inclusion & Diversity

As a leader within the tech industry, we believe progress starts with us. We are committed to taking practical steps to be inclusive and transparent when it comes to new job opportunities, learning and development, and career advancement.

Building Tomorrow’s Workforce

We’re invested in supporting our communities and developing the future workforce, through initiatives such as donating software to vocational schools to train the technicians of tomorrow.

CCC Jumpstart Internship Program

The CCC Jumpstart Internship program invites students to work and learn alongside innovative and inspiring business and technology leaders. Interns gain hands-on experience to apply their knowledge to solve problems and advance thinking. You will have the opportunity to participate in unique social events throughout your internship and build relationships with your managers, advisors, and other interns.

The CCC internship experience is open to college sophomores, juniors, seniors, master’s and PhD students interested in careers in:

• Software Engineering
• Data Engineering
• AI Enablement
• Research & Design
• Data Science

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