Cupertino Electric, Inc. (CEI)

Our Mission: To deliver power and possibilities.

Live Our Values 

Our values of People, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation and Safety are reflected in how we treat one another, deliver services and solve problems. Because what we do at CEI is important, but HOW we do it is everything. 

About Us

From the very beginning, our founder wanted the company to be known—inside and out—as “honest, and fair, and just.” That guiding principle is the soul of CEI, and it runs like a current through every office, every conference room and every jobsite. It makes us who we are. We’re problem solvers and innovation seekers. We’re team players and safety fanatics. And we always—ALWAYS—do the right thing. Even when no one is looking. Because what we do at CEI is important, but HOW we do it is everything.

Who We Are

How do you build a great company? You need expertise and ambition, of course. Customers and projects, too. But to be a truly great company, you need great people, and you need to put them first. All of them. Not just the ones with fancy titles. Everyone. 

At Cupertino Electric, you power our purpose. Come be part of what we’re building.

Career Postings

To see how YOU can build your own story and grow to your full potential at CEI, view our Career Opportunities.