DLR Group

Elevate the human experience through design.

About Us

DLR Group is an integrated design firm and is 100% employee-owned with all stock held within an employee stock ownership plan, or an ESOP. Employee-ownership has been part of our corporate structure since 1978.

We foster a culture that incentivizes collaboration. Driven by opportunity, we make decisions that impact not only our success but also our clients and partners. All of which are rooted in our core values of commitment, sharing, fun, creativity, environmental stewardship, integrity, ownership, and teamwork.

Equity Forum

Everyone deserves access to opportunity, reward, safety, and security, regardless of their identity. Our commitment to a more equitable and just society means we invest time, energy, and resources to bring about positive outcomes for historically excluded people through design.

Our Equity Forum is a group of cross-disciplinary employee owners and leaders. The Forum engages employee-owners to explore where inequities may exist within our own walls and industry and take action to make a positive, lasting impact.


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