Millennium Challenge Corporation

DEIA Vision, Mission, and Values Statement

MCC will build and sustain a diverse and talented workforce starting with leadership and cascading down to all levels across the agency. At MCC, we value all the dimensions of diversity that people bring to the workplace, including cognitive diversity and neurodiversity, which may be less obvious.

MCC will cultivate, nurture, and sustain a global, inclusive culture, where our differences are leveraged to produce innovative solutions to meet the needs of our employees, global partners, and the international development community.

MCC will actively participate in coalitions to advance DEIA both within and outside the agency. We will boldly and intentionally seek out and include the diverse perspectives and lived experiences of staff and partners in our decision-allowing for a sustained competitive advantage in the global marketplace. We will participate in surveys that measure and track progress in DEIA and benchmark against other agencies in the international development sector.

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