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What Sets Us Apart

We have the opportunity to improve the lives of people suffering from severe COPD/Emphysema all around the world. Our team understands this sense of responsibility and feels passionate about helping these patients breathe easier. This video highlights our mission and values as a company and the impact of our technology has on patients with severe lung disease.


  • “I love what I do and feel that it matters because at Pulmonx I am valued for my contributions, but also get to be part of an amazing company mission to help patients with severe lung disease.”  (Meghan Oreste)

  • “Pulmonx is proud of the culture we have developed; externally in helping our patients breathe better and internally in celebrating individual and collective successes!  I love being part of such an amazing company.”  (Narinder Shargill)

  • “At Pulmonx, I am one part of a greater whole who are all working towards a common goal – helping those suffering with severe COPD/Emphysema. Everyone is so supportive personally and professionally, and I feel connected to my colleagues across the globe.” (Angela Mowat)

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